Restaurant is a place which offers food and drinks to customers. Been running restaurants in the beginning on the aspects of travel routes so that travelers stop to rest and restore vitality. Today, the restaurants are almost everywhere in the streets quiet and busy roads, in hotels, airports, bus and train stations, as well as in parks and buildings, which includes offices and shopping centers. Most restaurants are in the food service industry. The shops that serve food to people outside their homes as part of the industry, including schools, hospitals, factories, and prisons.

types of restaurants, there are two main types of restaurants on the table service restaurants. Restaurants serving fast food

found in most of these restaurants, Chairman of the kitchen staff, waiter or host arranges seating customers at tables, and give them a list of the types of food is located. The waiters and a register their claims, and to provide a meal for them. Most of these restaurants are usually family offers different varieties of most food and reasonable prices.